Hiding Behind the Mask

  • Is the mandated mask keeping us from sharing the Gospel?
  • Are they trying to squelch the Gospel by regulating gatherings?

This morning I was reading about my brothers in Hong Kong that are being put in solitary confinement for 10 months for having a Christian gathering. They have bright lights on them 24/7 so they cannot sleep. All because they want to share Jesus. This breaks my heart. We have so much and I whine because of a mask? And what am I doing to help my brothers and sisters.

James, his wife and two boys are in Thailand with our ministry “Mission At Work” and don’t have enough money to pay for their boys schooling because they support a Thai co-worker and an interpreter. He said, “Larry it’s been very hard here but we have over 300 children that need Jesus. I will sell my truck if we have to because God has called us here.” They need our help. Look we are living in troubling times, but Jesus told us He would help us. Please help James and his family. They are days away from having no money.  Read Isaiah 43:2. Thank you for all you do for missionaries.

A Missionary Comments: One country in Africa where we work the DRC (democratic republic of the Congo), the pastor just contacted me yesterday, a group came and killed people from the church (don’t know how many), burned the church then took over the village. 

I have nothing to help my friends with. We are all fighting battles on multiple fronts. Because of masks and everything else we are fighting in this country it is difficult to get out and drum up support. Nothing I’m telling you that you don’t already know. I’m just venting. Will continue praying for us all. God never said anything about retirement. We should worry more about mask and less about retirement and get on with our Father’s business and help our brothers and sisters around the world. Instead we are worried about our retirement and our church buildings. Not sure our priorities are in order. Just my vent for the day. I’m so disgusted about the DRC, there are tens and tens of thousands of UN soldiers right there and they do nothing. Shame on us. Will pray for your people in Hong Kong please keep ours in your prayers.

A Pastor Comments: Our churches in America have either shut down or are open with a small percentage of people attending because of FEAR!!  Christians in America are weak in their faith!  Many tell me they can’t come unless we practice Social Distancing to the letter of the Law!!  Yet . . . I see them in Wal-Mart or Home Depot or on Facebook traveling the country!  

Christians need to YIELD themselves 100% to the Lords work!!  Only what’s done for Christ will last!!

A Friend Comments: We ought not whine, but pray and stay at the mission…you’re right!  Lord, help your bride now, we pray.

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