Summer Is Here – That Means Work Teams at Siloam

Summer has arrived in North Carolina and for the staff and missionaries at Siloam Missionary Homes that means summer work teams are on their way. Due to COVID-19 we had a limited number of groups last summer and we are looking forward to a fuller slate of teams this summer. 

So how does that normally work? How does a work team happen? We’re glad you asked.

Church groups contact us and express an interest in spending a day, or even a week, volunteering here at Siloam. After discussing with them their skill level and interests we pull from a list of approved projects for the year and try to customize a good fit for that particular group. Most of the one day work teams end up working on the grounds doing yardwork and helping pressure wash houses, or other smaller projects. For multi-day work teams they will often choose a project that requires additional materials and incorporate fundraising for the project in with their work team preparation. We do have bunk houses available for overnight stays so if you are looking for a camp experience we can provide that as well. For the overnight teams we incorporate all meals and a time of worship into the schedule each day.

For example, this summer one of our teams will be working on the Treasure Chest, our clothing resource for the missionary families that stay here at Siloam. Their project will consist of repairing a leaking wall, replacing shingles on a roof section, updating the lighting inside the store and adding a wall and new fixtures.

Not all work teams take on such extensive projects and we can customize the experience to meet your needs. We coordinate with our missionary families so that you are able to hear from one of the missionaries during lunch each day that you are here. 

If you would be interested in learning more about work team projects or about regular volunteer opportunities please contact the office and we would be happy to talk with you.

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