Mission At Work

Mission at Work was established under the umbrella of Siloam Missionary Homes in July 2018.

Larry George, who was the founder of and served as President of Siloam Missionary Homes until he retired in 2021, helped James Neves develop Mission at Work under the direction of Siloam’s board of directors.

James and his wife, Andrea, and their two sons, Felipe and Andre, serve as missionaries in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The primary ministry of Mission at Work is to spread the Gospel by using the goal to train young people to become leaders at the school (Painsansart Christian School) in order for them to, in turn, lead the next generation of children to follow Christ.

The Neves’ ministry involves working with children that are displaced from surrounding countries, from remote mountain tribes and even who have no parents. Because the children have no credentials, they cannot attend public schools. Painsansart Christian School offers them education, a place to live and be taken care of.

Since James and Andrea are Brazilian missionaries, Mission At Work is governed by a board of directors based in Brazil, South America. The U.S. side of ministry falls under a board of advisors in the United States, as well as the umbrella of Siloam Missionary Homes and its board of directors. Their home church in the United States is New Covenant Fellowship Church in Graham, NC.

Your gifts are tax deductible and can be submitted online or by sending a gift to Siloam Missionary Homes, PO Box 705, Snow Camp, NC 27349. Please mark your gift to “Mission At Work.”