Ministry Needs

At Siloam Missionary Homes our primary focus with our general operating budget is on direct expenses needed for maintaining the missionary homes and ancillary buildings. But there are additional items that would allow us to be more efficient and/or provide additional functionality that we just are not able to purchase within our standard operating budget. 

We will provide a tax receipt for any items or funds donated to Siloam Missionary Homes. 
If you would be interested in contributing or purchasing one of these items please contact the office.
Siloam – Main Campus
  • Front Fence Replacement ($20,000) – Our front fence was removed a few years back as it was made of wood and had reached a point where repair was not an option. We will be replacing the wooden fence with a black aluminum powder coated 5′ tall fence. This need is a high priority for the ministry as currently there is nothing but a ditch and some grass separating the houses and yards where kids play from the road. The cost is for a self-installation. Professional installation would add an additional $10,000 to $12,000.
  • Dewalt Power Tools (prices vary)
    Cordless 9 GA Fencing Stapler 20-volt Max XR – $600 (Qty Needed: 1 – Used on the main campus and the farm to update/repair our animal fencing)
    Flexvolt 20-V Max Pro Circular Saw – $200 (Qty Needed: 1)
    5.0Ah Lithium Ion Max XR 4-pack – $400/each (Qty Needed: 2 – One set for the main campus and one set for the farm)
    Compact 12V/20V Worklight – $100 (Qty Needed: 2 – One for the main campus and one for the farm)
  • John Deere 5200 Hydraulic Remote Kit ($600 – $800) – This will allow us to add additional hydraulic power for augers, a grappler, and other needs.
  • Wall Insulation ($300) – 450 square feet for outer shop wall

Camp Glory Farm
  • Metal Barn @ Watson’s Place ($60,000) – The existing barn was designed for milk cows and the design and condition is not conducive to repair. We need to put in a new custom concrete pad with a new metal barn for animal shelter, food storage, and a teaching center.
  • Greenhouse ($400) – Will be used for the on campus community garden to start vegetable seeds.
  • Heated Automatic Animal Waterer ($700) – Our current watering trough is designed for larger animals; does not have an efficient way to fill; and doesn’t have the safest heater for the animals we raise. 
  • Additional Items for Purchase or Donation
    Dingo with accessories and/or a Skid Steer
    Hay Elevator
    More Gate Panels and Attachment Hardware